Sunday, December 22, 2013

Once Every 25 Years...

A new and exciting thing is occurring in the McCarthy Arts Center at Saint Mike's! 

What you ask?


Over Christmas break, new seats will be put in both the Recital Hall and Mainstage space. One of the really cool things is that the seats were being taken apart during finals week and we could stop by and check out what was happening. Naturally I took some pictures. 

Final image of the old seats
The Recital Hall empty - while a band practices!

One of the MOST AWESOME THINGS (definitely a QUIRK AND PERK!) that could have possibly happened was that we could take the seats! They were just going to be recycled and it was our opportunity to have a piece of McCarthy history! This was particularly interesting to me since I wrote my History thesis on the Saint Michael's Playhouse, now housed in McCarthy. I had also spent most of my time at Saint Mike's roughly in the Mainstage working on the play, during class, or during the summer season of Playhouse. These seats have been in the building since it's opening in 1976. It'll be great to have an update for my last semester here at Saint Mike's!

The man of the hour: Richie!
I do have to thank one of my best friends Richie for helping me to get the seats from McCarthy to my townhouse. He offered his car and services to and from the theater and my house. Even slipping on ice didn't stop this guy. I am forever grateful to have a friend like him, for other reasons included. :)

Be sure to check back for an update once I return to SMC! Everything will be bright, shiny, and new!
Katelyn :)

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