Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Library Living

My time this semester has largely been spent in the library doing research for my History thesis. On Monday, I submitted a 20 page draft of my thesis. Needless to say my brain has decided to go on sabbatical for the past few days to give me a chance to recover. 

My next task is to get a hold of more research for my final papers and presentations for my other classes. WHAT?! Crazy I know how time flies. Luckily for me, I am able to use the wonderful resources and reference librarians that work in Durick.  

How do you get a meeting with the librarians? Easy! Simply send them an e-mail or sign up for an appointment here! You can pick a date and time that works for you! You can also see which librarian has the research specialty you desire: i.e. Medieval Studies or Biology. I've worked with a few and they are definitely so helpful! They might even show you where the section of books you need - a tour of the things you'll find useful!

This is my favorite spot in the library to read articles!
Walking through the bound periodicals!
Walking through the library I stumbled across this cool piece of art!

Shout out to Mr. John Payne - he helped me find the bound periodicals I needed to give my paper another facet of research! He's going to help me with finding research for my Medieval Studies final presentation and paper and I'm super stoked! It's really great when you find someone who's interested in the same subject as you and leads you on a treasure hunt to find what you need! 

Any questions about the library or other resources at SMC? 
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Katelyn :) 

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